2009 09/04

Who wouldn’t want to go to Italy?

One of my all time favorite restaurants is Olive Garden. Unfortunately I do not get to dine there as frequently as I would like because, for one, the nearest Olive Garden is a 20 minute drive from me and, two, we just don’t go out to eat very often now that we have children. So, I was very excited when 5 Minutes for Mom began their four week Olive Garden culinary workshop!

Over the past four weeks they have been sharing different culinary lessons right from one of Olive Garden’s top chefs! Why am I telling you this? Because this is something that I’ve actually found useful and helpful and I thought that you, oh dear blog readers, might also find it helpful. I’ve always been too intimidated to actually cook with garlic but then one of the lessons was about cooking with garlic! Oh, and the recipes. Mmmm….

Even if the cooking side of things really doesn’t appeal to you, you should still go check it out because they are also giving away a $100 gift card to Olive Garden and you can enter to win a trip to Italy! Hello? ITALY!!! Yes please!!!

So, what is your favorite Olive Garden dish? Mine is the Manicotti Formaggio! Mmmm. Manicotti! Ok, now I need to go figure out a way to finagle a date night so we can go to Olive Garden!

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