2009 27/05


Oh, so many reasons for my absence here. Mostly, though, I have been focused on some other projects. House Projects: Now that it is consistently nicer outside, we’ve been focusing on things that need to get done around the house. This is our first summer in a house (we lived in a condo for the […]

2009 16/05

Life with a dog – Week 1

On Mother’s Day we brought Jasper home. Unsure of how things were going to go, I think our first week has gone pretty well. Tim never really had a dog growing up, although I think his parents would disagree with that, and I only had one — a Lhasa Apso named Gizmo that we got […]

2009 16/05

Car Decor

The other day I was at Target and parked behind a car that had close to 30 of those little bobble-head animals in the back window. It was absolutely amazing, and frightening, how many little dogs, cats, and lions were in there, looking back at me, their heads wobbling in a deranged way. But it […]

2009 11/05

Are you a follower?

It’s no secret — I love Twitter. I’ve been on Twitter since February of 2008. I don’t follow a ton of people and I don’t have a ton of people following me. I’m just kind of on there. I feel like, with in the past couple of months, Twitter has become the “it” thing. I […]

2009 09/05

Mother’s Day – Deception and Celebration

I tend to write about being a mom on here a lot. How could I not, it takes up 90% of my life right now. And tomorrow is a day to celebrate all that encompasses motherhood. I’m not sure how I feel about it. I mean, yes, mom’s deserve to be celebrated. But I’m a […]

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