2009 11/05

Are you a follower?

It’s no secret — I love Twitter. I’ve been on Twitter since February of 2008. I don’t follow a ton of people and I don’t have a ton of people following me. I’m just kind of on there.

I feel like, with in the past couple of months, Twitter has become the “it” thing. I think there is hardly a celebrity out there who is not on Twitter. I hear of celebrities having Twitter contests to see who can get the most followers and even some use their Twittering for good causes. But it all begs the question:

Are you a celebrity follower?

I tend to follow people I know, bloggers I read regularly, and then a few random people. Yes, I have a few “celebrities” in there as well. But I only follow celebrities if they do their own twitter updates. It bothers me, or just seems pointless, to follow people who have their people updating their Twitter status.

I also don’t follow people just because they are following me. I follow people because they are interesting. They offer me interesting links to check-out.

So I guess I’m a pretty picky Twitterer. But I’m ok with that. I’m ok with not having thousands of followers. Actually, that would make me stress out (if I had so many followers) because then I would feel like I need to say something interesting. Kind of like this blog I guess.

What do you think? Are you on Twitter? How do you determine who you follow? And have you ever blocked someone on Twitter? That last question is totally off topic, sort of. I’ve never blocked anyone on Twitter but I’m wondering if there are situations that warrant it. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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