2009 16/05

Car Decor

The other day I was at Target and parked behind a car that had close to 30 of those little bobble-head animals in the back window. It was absolutely amazing, and frightening, how many little dogs, cats, and lions were in there, looking back at me, their heads wobbling in a deranged way.

But it got me thinking about the things in my car. What do the things in our cars say about us?

Right now my car decor would tell you that I have kids. Kids who need to be entertained in the car. Kids who like to eat in the car.

But then I started thinking about the first car I had. When I turned 16 my mom bought me a used ’88 Chevy Beretta. Silver. Perfect condition. I loved it! And, over the few years that I owned it, I acquired certain things that began to, in a way, decorate my car.

Three things I remember. I had a pair of cheap little fundraiser pom-pons in my back window — I was a cheerleader in high school. I also had a hockey puck that I somehow acquired from my friend Bob’s car. I don’t remember how or when that happened but it ended up in my car. And, no, I really don’t have a thing for hockey.

The last thing that I remember in my car was this dinosaur puppet from the movie Toy Story. The green little dinosaur, I wish I could remember it’s name, sat on my floor gear shifter. It was a perfect spot for it. Probably not the safest thing to have it on gear shifter but it was so cute there. I got the little guy when we stopped for dinner on the way home from an away basketball game. One of the guys bought it for me, which did not make the current boyfriend too happy. Still, I loved my little dino.

I don’t know what that all says about me. I guess it just reflects what was going on in my life at the time — cheerleading, friends, boys (then) and kids (now).

I wonder what all those little bobble head animals say about that person I was parked behind — animal lover? bobble head collector? crazy lady?

What kind of car decor do you have? Or are you a clean and clutter-free car person?

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