2009 27/05


Oh, so many reasons for my absence here. Mostly, though, I have been focused on some other projects.

House Projects: Now that it is consistently nicer outside, we’ve been focusing on things that need to get done around the house. This is our first summer in a house (we lived in a condo for the years prior) and I’m amazed at how much needs to be done. First we had to put in a new lawn in the back due to the well-line replacement this past fall. And, of course, the constant mowing of the grass that does exist. Or should I say the few patches of grass that lies within the never-ending supply of dandilions.

We re-landscaped the front yard but the dear puppy is doing his damndest to make sure those plants don’t survive. We also had gutters put on the house, which is so nice! Big fan of having gutters, except the whole cleaning them part.

The exterior plans on the horizon this summer — replace our back deck, replace the door in the breezeway that leads to the backyard, powerspray the exterior of the house, and put in a gardenbox! Phew!

Oh, and if we weren’t busy enough, I decided to start painting the basement this past weekend. I still need to finish that and paint all of the bedrooms.

Computer Projects: Some of you may know that I’ve been writing over at 5 Minutes for Mom and 5 Minutes for Giveaways. When I actually do have time to be on the computer, I’m usually writing something for one of those sites. As much as I hate to neglect my blog, I really do love writing for them!

And the projects on the horizon? I have a few web design projects coming up which should be fun. It’s been a while since I’ve done any designing….I took a much needed break from that a few months after Zoe was born.

And pretty much all of this is on hold until after this weekend. This weekend we have Tim’s brother’s wedding.

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