2009 03/05

The Post-Flu Post

Wow, it has been a while since I posted on here. And, even though I’m posting today, I really don’t have much to say.

Last week the girls and I were sick with the flu. I really have no idea if it was the seemingly popular Swine Flu or just the good ol’ flu, but it was the flu. I believe we are all back to feeling healthy, after a week of tired, cranky girls who were either vomiting (or spitting as Abbi likes to call it) or who had diahhrea. Oh yes, fun times.

Thankfully Tim did not get sick. He even took a day off of work so I could stay in bed while he took care of the girls. I had no idea he was going to take the day off but, oh, was I happy he did.

Yes, having sick kids really stinks but I do believe that it is the first few days of post-sickness that are hell! And this time around it was particularly bad. The day Abbi was really feeling better I was still feeling sick. I was just sick enough that I had no appetite and just wanted to rest. She, however, just wanted to play. And it was raining all day. Typically, on a rainy day, we would head to the mall play area or the Playhouse, but I had no desire to get off the couch that day, let alone pack up the kids to go anywhere. And Zoe was still filling her diaper every 20 minutes.

So it was a battle all day. All. Day.

“I want to go do something fun.” “I want to swing.” “I NEED to swing.” “I don’t NEED a nap.” “I want my daddy to come home.” “Are you still sick mom? Are you going to be sick for a long time because I want to go swing.” “I don’t like the rain. It’s not my favorite. I want to swing.”

Yes, child, I get the picture, you want to swing. I want to sleep. Looks like neither of us are getting what we want today.

Besides the sudden burst of energy and wanting to do everything she can’t do, she also becomes the sassiest child on the planet. She will disagree with everything I say for the sake of disagreeing with it. FRUSTRATING! I find myself wanting that cute, cuddly, quiet, sick child back. Isn’t that horrible. Not that I would ever want my child to be sick but I sure do love how quiet and snuggly they are during that time. And the fact that they are so content just lying on the couch watching cartoons!

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