2009 07/05

Where was the warning when I decided to get pregnant?

We will be picking up our new puppy this weekend! A 7 week old male boxer who we have named Jasper. The number one, over-whelming reaction when I tell people of our new puppy is shock, often followed-up by warnings.

“Wow! Good luck!” with a hint of sarcasm

“Oh, I could never get a puppy.”

“Do you know what you’re getting yourself into?”

“You’re a braver person than me!”

I think this reaction has something to do with us already having two young kids in the house. I wonder if I would be getting this same reaction if we had gotten the dog before the kids came along.

Would I get these same reactions if I were telling people that we were going to have a third baby? Probably, but I don’t think people would be as openly disapproving though. It’s just not as acceptable for people to wish me luck all the time meaning you’re freaking out of your mind when we’re talk about another baby.

So, why is this so different? It’s another mouth to feed, another butt to clean-up after, more scolding to do for chewing on toys. The differences seem more positive to me I guess. I can leave the puppy at home by himself while I run errands. I can set him up at a kennel while we go out of town, virtually guilt free. If I were to do any of that with the kids, I think it would be looked down upon.

I know that there will be struggles with the puppy. Frustrations. But I’m looking forward to it. At least after the potty-training is behind us!

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