2009 13/06

30 Days to 30 – Age 10

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Memory #11 – age 10 yrs

Fifth grade was the first time I had a male teacher — Mr. Cox. He, of course, loved teaching about science so he and I got along just fine…I’m a bit of a science geek. 

As a part of fifth grade our entire class went to camp. It was called Camp Wolverine and I loved it. Again, science. They taught us all about local animals and tapping for maple syrup.

This was also the year that Nikki came to our school. She and I have been friends ever since (Hi NIk!) but I remember feeling very competitive with her in the beginning. I think I told her during one of our first gym classes together that I was the fastest girl in the fifth grade. The funny thing is that she could totally run circles around me….then and now!
During the summer, before 5th grade, I also went to spend a week with my Uncle Bill and Aunt Kasia. I even babysat for my little cousin who was just an infant. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t let any 10 year olds watch my girls but I guess my aunt and uncle trusted me. While I was with them they took me to a very cool theater, doesn’t take much to impress a 10 year old, where we sat at tables and they served us drinks and food. We watched “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”. Apparently I liked the movie because here I am sporting a “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” t-shirt in my school picture.
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