2009 17/06

30 Days to 30 – Age 14

TODAY is the last day to enter this week’s 30 Days to 30 Giveaway! Now, on to the memories!

Memory #15 – age 14 yrs

I would dare say that some of my best memories are from High School. Yes, there are some things that I wish I could go back and change but, for the most part, I really loved High School! My freshman year of high school was quite the bag of memories!

Let’s see…first we have the MIP. Yes, that would be the Minor in Possession. Of alcohol. Oh, not one of the brighter moments of my life. The kicker is that I was not at a party, nor was I even intoxicated. I was in a car with my friends Ryan and Amy. Ryan had picked up some beer, Amy cracked one open in the back seat to take a drink, then we got pulled over by Officer Balis because Ryan happened to have a headlight out. He found the 6 pack in the back seat with one bottle opened and off to the police station we went. No, I did not get cuffed or placed in the police car. This is small town, people. We followed the officer in our car back to the police station to call our parents. One court appearance, a month of grounding, some community service (tutoring a kid), and a Alcohol Responsibility class later, it was behind me — although I believe it got brought up at our high school graduation a few years later!
I wish I could say that that experience taught me a lesson but, at the time, it just taught me to be more sneaky. Ok, let’s move on to the boys.

My older brother happened to be a senior when I was a freshman, that made life interesting. We didn’t really get along or not get along, we just existed together. That was until his friends starting noticing me and I started dating a guy in his class. Yes, I dated a senior when I was a freshman. My brother certainly voiced his disapproval but this particular guy could have kicked his butt so his vocal disapproval was pretty short lived. And so was that relationship.
At the end of my freshman year, just before summer, my mom decided that her relationship with my father was past repair and, so, she, my sister, and I moved out. For the first month or so we lived at my grandparent’s house. Then, just before I turned 15 we found a house to rent. The house happened to be my friend Mandy’s grandma’s old house — the same house where I first played spin-the-bottle!

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