2009 22/06

30 Days to 30 – Age 19

Memory #20 – age 19 yrs

After spending an awkward summer back in the small town trying to figure out whether the now ex-boyfriend and I were going to get back together and me trying to avoid him as much as possible, I was happy to be heading back to college in the fall!

Because I was convinced that I wasn’t returning to that college for my Sophomore year I hadn’t set-up my housing with friends for the new school year. So, I was placed with a girl I didn’t know but at least I was right next door to all of my friends! It ended up that my roommate was kind of weird and my friend Carrie, who lived across the hall, didn’t have a roommate either since Brooke decided not to return for our sophomore year. Gladly I moved my stuff across the hall and spent the year rooming with Carrie!

Now single I dove head first into studying. I pretty much blew-off any guy who wanted to date me. Kind of sad about that because I really didn’t give a few guys a good chance. But it all turned out for the best. In the Winter I decided to join a sorority because a few of my friends were part of it and a few friends were rushing as well. It was fun and I met a lot of great girls!

This year’s spring break I was Cancun bound with Julie and her family. Oh, Senior Frogs! That’s probably enough said about that experience.

At some point during the last year my mom met Jim, who would become my step dad. They ended up moving in together and so I gratefully forewent spending another summer in the small town and, instead, moved in with my mom and Jim a few hours away. I took a job at the mall and ended up spending the summer with the people I worked with (a totally random bunch of people) and going to concerts with Lissy, who went to college and now lived in the same town where my mom moved to.

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