2009 24/06

30 Days to 30 – Age 21

Memory #22 – age 21 yrs

My 21st birthday was very, very uneventful if you consider partying ‘eventful’. I did not get drunk or do shots. I went to a ranch with Tim where we rode horses with friends. It was a really great birthday.

My senior year of college was pretty uneventful as well. I spent most of my time studying, working, working at my internship, heading up a major college fundraiser, and being with Tim. Didn’t leave much time for friends which kind of disappoints me now. Not that I regret any of it but I wish I would have made my friends a bigger priority back then.

Tim and I ended up traveling out to California with friends for New Years this year to scope it out for a possible move. We were actually thinking of moving to California with our friends who were in a band. It never happened but it was fun to dream about it. While out in California thought I got my first and only tattoo!

After graduation I went to central Mexico for a 2 week long class through the college. After the class was finished Tim met me in Mexico City where we continued on to southern Mexico to visit his parents (they were missionaries down there). On the second day with his parents we stopped by this little road side park and Tim asked me to marry him!

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