2009 09/06

30 Days to 30 – Age 6

Memory #7 – age 6 yrs

In first grade I actually had the same teacher as I had in Kindergarden. She looped up with us that year. I really liked her but then, at the end of the school year, she broke my heart. I had made my teacher this woven pot holder for Christmas. Honestly, we didn’t have tons of money back then and I still wanted to give her a gift for Christmas. I had this kit thing that you could use to weave pot holders and I thought it would be something she would really like.

At the end of the school year our teacher had this little garage sale type of thing in her class room. She pulled out boxes of extra pencils, erasers, toys, etc. that she had lying around and allowed us to pick different items. I forget what the payment method was. Anyhow, in one of the boxes was the pot holder I had made for her. OUCH!

 Maybe this is why I’m not much of a crafty person these days!

Screen shot 2009-09-22 at 3.18.17 PM

You’ll notice in a lot of these pictures that I don’t smile showing teeth. That is because I had my front teeth (top and bottom) pulled when I was really young. The apparently came in with no enamel on them so the dentist felt it would be best just to pull them. As if my mullet and boyish appearance wasn’t bad enough!

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