2009 10/06

30 Days to 30 – Age 7

Memory #8 – age 7 yrs

Ah, second grade. Mrs. Bruning. I don’t think she liked me all that much. At least I have one memory that makes me think this.
Second grade was when the whole I Like Boys thing happened for me. Or at least I started noticing boys and they started noticing me….as much as you can at age 7 when you’re still somewhat convinced that they still have cooties.
One day during class my friend Lissy passed me a note saying “Tommy thinks you’re cute.” Of course Mrs. Bruning saw the note transfer and busted us. I guess we just weren’t that sneaky yet. She made me read the note out loud in class and of course I turned bright red. I’ve always been one to blush at the slightest bit of embarrassment. Mrs. Bruning was less than pleased that we were passing notes instead of doing our work and sentenced Lissy and I to a recess inside with our heads down on our desks. 

I’m pretty sure that punishment would be viewed and cruel and inhumane these days! How dare she take away a child’s 10 minutes of physical activity. If I were severely obese now I’m pretty sure I could sue her. Emotional trauma and all. {read with sarcasm}
I do know this…I never passed notes in Mrs. Bruning’s class after that!
This was also the summer that I joined Little League. I’m pretty sure I only played it for that one summer. I rotated between Short Stop and Rover (played between 1st & 2nd base). I’m pretty sure Rover was the position they gave the kids who really weren’t that good.

Screen shot 2009-09-22 at 3.17.26 PM

My one Little League memory is of my older sister picking me up from practice in the Scout. We had to quickly pull over and run from the vehicle when we discovered that we had hornets traveling with us!

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