2009 09/06

Misinformed on Career Day

Since bringing home our puppy nearly a month ago I’ve gone into Petco twice now. Both times I’ve run into the same cashier and, both times, I’ve had the same unpleasant encounter.

The first time I went in to buy a few little things and ended up picking up one of those big claw-like pooper scoopers. I never thought I would buy one of those but I have no desire to walk around the yard and squat down to pick up dog poop with a plastic bag. And, since I’m the one who normally push-mows our lawn, I really REALLY didn’t want to be dodging or stepping in something unpleasant.

When I went to pay for my items and the pooper scooper the cashier said in a sarcastic way “enjoy the scooper.” Normally I would have laughed and made some sarcastic comment back but there was something in the way that she said it that just seemed weird. So I politely said thanks and left.

A week or so later I was back in the store, this time Abbi was with me, and we were buying a new pillow type thing for Jasper to sleep on in his kennel. I had noticed a sign for puppy training in the store so I asked the cashier about it (this time it was a middle age man). He deferred the question to the girl standing a few feet away unpacking boxes. She was wearing a shirt that said “dog trainer” and it just so happened to be the same unpleasant cashier from my first visit.

She asked me what kind of dog I had and when I said it was a boxer she rolled her eyes and went into this rant about how boxers were stubborn and known to be trouble makers. I told her that he was doing surprisingly well for being a puppy so she asked me how old he was and how long I had had him. After my answer of 10 weeks and 3 weeks (respectively) she went further into her lecture or rant about how I was in the honeymoon period and soon he would become very naughty and uncontrollable. Again, I just didn’t appreciate her condescending tone so, as I grabbed my new dog pillow and Abbi’s hand, I replied, “Well, if I can raise two kids I think I can handle one puppy,” and walked out.

Seriously girl, if you really don’t like your job it might be time to look into a different occupation. I would think that people who worked at pet stores, and especially dog trainers, should like animals. I understand that there may be some truth to her comments but honestly, just keep your mouth shut! Yeah, I may be in the honeymoon period of this dog and it may get pretty hellish here in a few weeks but what do you really expect me to do with that information? Was she expecting me to say “Oh, really? Then I should take him back to the breeder and ask for a refund!” This is information you pass along before a person buys a dog.

Again, even if it is true, a nice way to say it would have been, “Now would be a great time to get the puppy into some training classes as the next few weeks may become more difficult for you.” A comment like that would have probably pushed me into signing up for your overpriced training classes. But now, after I see that you, rude cashier girl, are the trainer I will be working with….HELL NO! I would not subject myself or my dog to you.

I can honestly say that I will not be going back to Petco. Instead I’ll shop for pet stuff at Target or the grocery store or ChowHound.

And as far as Jasper goes, yes I totally agree that we were in the honeymoon period and that he is going to start testing his boundaries with us. HELLO! Would I really expect anything less? I’ve already gone through the toddler years with a kid, I know that those years are all about pushing buttons, testing boundaries, driving you crazy! I know that dogs go through similar stages. We have gone through the newborn and cute baby stage with him and he’s now entering the awkward puppy-toddler stage. And, just like my daughter, he will become very accustomed to the word know and he will understand that spankings are never a pleasant thing.

So SUCK-IT rude Petco cashier/dog trainer girl!

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