2009 02/06

They have fangs!

I remember the first time I told my husband (boyfriend at the time) that I was afraid of moths. At first he thought I was joking but, when he realized I was serious, he reaction quickly turned to one of “are you a freaking lunatic?”.

Honestly, I am terrified of those things. Big or small, they are the creepiest of bugs. The funny thing is that I really don’t mind bugs, as long as they are not flying into my face or ears. But moths, they are something else.

Their furry bodies….ewwww! And they have fangs. I promise you this! Ugh, I’m getting all grossed out just thinking about them.

Well, the other night I was outside with Jasper and noticed something on our tree. It was the mother-sized moth. This thing was absolutely monsterous. And there were two!

Screen shot 2009-09-22 at 3.19.35 PM

This is a picture of the smaller of the two moths. And the hand in the picture is my husband’s so you can hopefully get some perspective on size. I’ve honestly never seen moths that large outside of insect museums and pictures.

And now, as I type this, there is another very large brown moth hanging out on my living room window. What in the hang is going on? I think I’m being overtaken by mutant or alien moths.

All it’s going to take is for one of those suckers to get inside my house and I am moving. Packing up the kids and dog and we’ll be checking in at the hotel. You think I’m kidding but my husband knows how deadly serious I am.

Ok, I have to go find somewhere else to sit in my house because I’m pretty sure that moth is looking at me and scheming some sort of way to get in here and sink his big furry mothy fangs into my arm.

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