2009 14/07

My New Luggage

This is a great follow-up from my last post. Let’s just say that I feel like I’ve been in a valley lately!

This was my night last night (note: the night before wasn’t too different!):

11:30pm — After fixing a button on Tim’s shorts for him to wear the next day, I hit the pillow hard and fell fast asleep!

12:30am — 3 year old comes climbing up in our bed with her pillow, blankets, and doll. Not sure exactly why.

1:15am — 15 month old begins fussing in the next room. Praying she just falls back asleep.

1:30am — 15 month old is not falling back asleep. I go to get her settled back down.

1:45am — Take 3 year old back to her bed.

5:00am — 15 month old is fussing, AGAIN! Go in and get her settled back down to sleep.

6:30am — Husband’s phone alarm starts going off….the phone is lying on the dresser next to the bed and he’s in the bathroom. Roll over and turn it off.

6:32am — Phone alarm is going off again! Apparently I have no idea how to turn the alarm off. Restraining myself from throwing the phone across the room.

7:00am — Husband puts the puppy in bed with me since he had to leave early for golf work. The puppy greets me with big puppy-paw flopping on my head. Then he flops his big puppy self on top of my legs.

7:35am — 15 month old is waking up.

7:45am — I decide that it is no use to try to sleep anymore so it’s off to the shower and start this crazy day.

I wish I could say that after my shower my day got better….sadly, no. Abbi woke up on the wrong side of the bed and was really upset that her daddy had left before she gave him a hug and kiss. Since today was gymnastics day we had to rush through breakfast, getting ready, and getting to Abbi’s gymnastics class. Thankfully Zoe is now napping and Abbi, well, she’s hanging out in her bed singing “The Wheels On The Bus”.

I’m pretty sure I’m due for a few days of super-well-behaved kids! Right? RIGHT!!!???

Oh, and the new luggage? That would be the wonderful bags under my eyes!

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