2009 10/07

No Problem

Today has not been my day. If it were up to me, I’d just go back to bed but, since it’s not up to me, I guess I’ll just blog about it.

Since today was going to be grey and rainy I decided to make a quick run to GR to the jewelry store and mall. The girls could play at the mall play area, we would each lunch at the mall, and then head home for naps. Good idea, right? Right?

Well, things went a little differently. While in town running errands my van decided to stall. No problem. Chances are I just didn’t have it all the way in drive and it probably just slipped into neutral and that made it stall. Maybe? Let’s go with that. So I started it back up and away we went, on our way to jump on the highway and head to GR.

Then, before we hop on the highway my van stalls again. Hmm. Just get on the highway and head towards GR or go across the road to the gas station and check things out? Right, gas station it is. Oil looked fine. No smoke. Time to call the husband. Husband’s recommendation is to head back towards the auto shop down the road. On the way the van decides to stall three more times but we make it.

The mechanic, who is swamped with work today, generously squeezes us in and takes a look at the van. I think it may have had something to do with my desperate look and the two less-than-happy kids in the back seat. After some cleaning under the hood he takes us for a spin around the block to make sure things are ok and things ARE looking good! Woo Hoo! Oh wait, as we pull back into the auto shop, the van stalls, AGAIN! Mechanic’s recommendation: leave the van and he will work on it first thing Monday morning. Time to find a ride home!

No problem. Tim calls his dad to see if he can pick us up. He graciously says yes but, BUT, he will have to get us in his little pick-up truck because their van has a flat tire! We all squeeze in the truck, head back to their house, and the girls and I hang out inside while he takes the flat tire back to the auto shop to get fixed. After the tire is fixed and back on the van, the girls and I are on our way home for a late lunch and an attempt at afternoon naps. DISCLAIMER: I am so thankful that Tim’s dad was willing to drop everything to pick us up, get the van tire fixed, and let us borrow the fan while ours is getting fixed! So very grateful!!!

Phew, finally home! Of course I forgot to grab my garage door opener from my van but, No Problem!, we have a lock box with a key in it on the front door! Hmmm, but apparently one of the girls locked the screen door so I can’t get to the lock box. Hmmm, and I have no keys to the house in the diaper bag, hidden around the house, or in my purse. Time to scope out the house to see which screen I can pop out and get into the house. Thankfully, before I was popping out any screens, I decided to check the slider on the back deck, which I always lock. Thankfully this was the one exception to my always.

Finally, both girls are in the house, dog is out of his kennel, lunch is on the table, and now Abbi has to go potty. No Problem! Except that when we get back to the table after going potty, half of Abbi’s sandwich is missing. And we found it. It mysteriously found its way into the dog’s mouth.

No Problem.

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