2009 29/08

A trip to Africa

Abbi told me a few weeks ago that she wanted to go to Africa to see the animals. Ok kid, let’s go! Ok, so we can’t actually pick up and fly off to Africa for a safari (not yet at least) but we could go to the zoo. And that’s what we did! On somewhat […]

2009 26/08

A new coat

We’ve decided that we’ll be staying in our house a little longer. For a few reasons actually. The current market here really stinks so even trying to sell just doesn’t appeal to us. And we’re ok with where we are. We have a decent size yard with plenty of room for the girls and dog […]

2009 22/08

Here’s a tip

This is something that has always baffled me. Tipping. (Note: I’m going to be referring to tipping as it applies to the United States because that is really all I’m familiar with. Tipping amounts and customs vary based on country and region.) Wikepedia says a tip “(also called a gratuity) is a payment made to […]

2009 21/08

Every Time

Having two girls it is hard not to compare them. My husband and I are always saying, “Wow, Abbi never did that” or “Remember when Abbi did that” in response to things that Zoe is doing. It’s not that we’re that what or how Zoe does things is better or worse than how or when […]

2009 15/08

Beauty In Backlight – WINNER!

Thanks to all who entered the Beauty In Backlight giveaway! I hope you had a chance to look around Katie’s site and I really hope you’ll consider a Beauty In Backlight for a gift for yourself or someone you love. Now, on to our winner! Congratulations Amanda! You are our lucky winner! You should be […]

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