2009 21/08

Every Time

Having two girls it is hard not to compare them. My husband and I are always saying, “Wow, Abbi never did that” or “Remember when Abbi did that” in response to things that Zoe is doing. It’s not that we’re that what or how Zoe does things is better or worse than how or when Abbi did them. We’re just saying they are different.

One of the big differences we’ve noticed, a lot, happens during bath time. If we can fit it in we give the girls a bath every night. Not because they are dirty necessarily but because it is our way of winding down for bed. It is part of our routine. Some times it is a quick dip and other times it is a marathon bath resulting in wrinkled toes.

Both girls love the bath. They love taking baths together. It is actually really fun because they splash and slide and giggle and snort. Ok, so it doesn’t sound so much like they are winding down but it is what it is. So the difference? Poop!

Abbi, in her three and a half years of life, has only pooped in the bathtub twice that I can remember. Zoe, on the other hand, poops in the tub nearly every time she gets in there. Honestly. Every. Time. I can’t even tell you how many times it has happened because it happens that often. Gross, I know!

I think she even holds it in until she gets in the tub. It is amazing how often it happens. Abbi even recognizes when it is going to happen (Zoe tends to do this little squat thing), will crawl up on the side of the tub and then holler for me because Zoe’s pooping. We drain the water, clean it up, run some more water, and the girls resume playing (or we just end bath time).

So why am I telling you all about my kid’s bathtub pooping ritual? Because I want to know if this is normal. Not textbook or babybook normal. I want to know if this is oh yeah, my kid used to do that all the time too normal. Yes, she poops in her diaper, too. She just seems to be particularly fond of the tub!

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