2009 13/08

It’s a Love-Hate relationship. More Hate than Love.

This week I took Abbi in to see our doctor to find out what was going on with her sore ear and fever. After some poking, adjusting, and asking me lots of questions he came to the conclusion that the culprit was dairy. And it totally makes sense.

The past few weeks we’ve been out camping, making special trips to the ice cream shop, and just all around eating like crap. It took it’s toll on Abbi’s body (and, really, mine too) and now we need to detox. But how do you detox a 3 year old off of sugar and dairy when everyone around us is eating and drinking it? This is where I’m stuck.

I guess I should back-track and first tell you what dairy does to us…and by us I am specifically talking about my kids, myself, and sometimes my husband.

I don’t know if it’s intolerance to lactose (although that is what mainstream doctors have told me) but I do know that dairy wreaks havoc on my body. After consuming almost any type of dairy I find myself with terrible abdominal pains and instant congestion. Sure, I can eat a small piece of cheese or sour cream on my taco but a glass of milk, a bowl of cereal with milk, a dish of icecream and I’m done. Does this stop me from partaking in a dairy based dish from time to time? Absolutely not! Sometimes a Banana-Split Blizzard is just worth the pain.

Apparently my girls also have this negative response to dairy. They seem to be ok with cheese and Abbi even has a small glass of milk at breakfast but these ice-cream binders mixed with grandma’s cookies and juice boxes? Ouch!

So, not wanting to go through this crap again and again, I’ve decided that we need to start to eliminate how much dairy (and other junk) we consume. But how do we go about that? I guess, to answer my own question, we just need to limit how often we go out for ice cream. Will my girls never eat ice cream? Ha, that would be a small miracle. Tim’s family loves ice cream. I think they pretty much eat ice cream after most meals. Of course I will let my girls have a small, very VERY small dish of ice cream on those occasions.

I’m also going to try to switch them over to goat’s milk. Do any of you have experience with goat’s milk? I’ve never used it, I just tend to stay away from milk all together. So I’d love some of your input!

Of course my doctor thinks we eat way too many grains (there’s probably some truth behind that) and would love to see me cut a good chuck of those out of our diets. WHAT? Have you gone mad man? What in the world would I feed my kids if I took away bread (sandwiches) and pasta?????? Ok, if we’re going to be honest, what would I eat? I love grains. I could live off of nothing but grains if at all possible. So, yeah, he’s probably right that we need to cut back on those grains. That one just really hurts!

Ok, so here I am, dear blog readers, asking you for advice. What have you had to cut out of your diet and your kids’ diets? How did you do it? Are you non-dairy people? How did you do it? And, if you have kids who were picky eaters or craved nothing but sweets/junk, how did you convince them that they would survive if they ate healthier foods?

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