2009 14/08

One of my favs

One of my favorite bloggers is Daphne from CoolMom.com. I tend to skim through a lot of blogs but there are really only a few that captivate me every time. I don’t have much time during the day or night to just sit and read blogs right now. My time, at least right now, is filled with energetic kids, trying to keep new posts on this blog, free-lance writing for other blogs, designing a few websites, and trying to get my new site up and running. Phew! Oh, and I try to sleep now and again.

Regardless of how busy I am I usually find time to check-out Daphne’s blog. If you’ve never heard of her she is a riot! She is funny and witty and honest. She is someone who you could spend hours with laughing over margaritas. But what makes her blog so enjoyable to me is that most of her posts are videos.

First her videos are done in a really good quality. Second, she keeps them personal. Third, she keeps them short. Most of all though, it is through her videos that I get to see her personality, her emotion. I can rarely take things the wrong way when someone is telling them to me “face-to-face” rather than me reading what they wrote. It is an amazing way to blog and to communicate with others.

Today on CoolMom.com Daphne talks to her own mom about blogging. I think it is one of my favorite posts of hers. It is not her typical funny post but more so just a heart felt connection with her mom. One that I think my mom and I have through my blogging. Anyhow, here is the video:

I’m excited to see the other two segments that Daphne recorded with her mom! And who knows, maybe I’ll actually start vlogging someday. Although I am very much not photogenic or would that be “videogenic”?

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