2009 02/08

The college degree put to use

Have you ever taken apart your kid’s car seat? Hmm, let me clarify that, because, really, why would you take apart a car seat? What I should have said was: Have you ever taken the cover/cushion off of the car seat to wash it? If you have, why did you not warn me that it was the dumbest thing ever?!?!

Tonight I decided that both car seats needed a good cleaning. It was actually quite embarrassing to see how absolutely nasty they were. Nasty probably doesn’t even begin to describe them. I’ll be honest here and tell you that I’ve never deep cleaned Zoe’s car seat, the same car seat that Abbi used for a year and a half before Zoe. Sure, I’ve vacuumed it out and wiped it down from time to time but, apparently, it needed more.

So tonight was the night.

I remember when I bought Abbi’s booster seat that I was excited that the cover could be removed so easily. That would come in handy during the potty training years for sure. Indeed, the cover has been easy to remove and that has come in handy. Not necessarily during potty training but it did come in handy this winter when Abbi had a touch of the flu and I thought she was well enough to go for a quick ride. She wasn’t. And her car seat was proof.

So, Abbi’s booster seat was stripped, cleaned, and the cushion was ready for the washing machine. Woo Hoo! Now on to Zoe’s seat.

After a pair of pliers, a half hour, and many unlady-like words later, I finally got the cover off of Zoe’s car seat. Are you kidding me? How in the world? Why in the world? What in the world? Did NASA put that thing together because I’m pretty sure that I never put that thing together.

But, alas! I got the cover off of the car seat and it is currently in the washer. And that cover was even more disgusting than the seat itself. Now, it begs the question: Will I be able to put the seat back together in the morning?

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