2009 25/09


After reading quite a bit about Life Lists from both jodimichelle and Mighty Girl, I’m starting to give more thought to creating a list of my own. A Life List is just that, a list of things you want to see, do, or accomplish in your lifetime. So, why not just do it instead of […]

2009 25/09

Stickers – FAIL

Yesterday we made a trip to the art store.  This is a big deal for Abbi because the girl loves to do art projects.  And she loves stickers.  So, since Tim was going to be gone for a few days I thought we would pick up a few fun little art projects that we could […]

2009 23/09

I’m a middle child

I guess you could say I am a middle child.  I am the third born of four.  My parents expected me to actually be the youngest but, five months after I was born, they were surprised with the news of a fourth pregnancy, thus bumping me somewhere in the middle. And, since we as humans […]

2009 21/09

Pardon my dust

And when I say “dust” I mean the dust accumulating while I don’t post. Things have gotten a little busy in my little world lately. I’m finishing up a site design for this really cute retreat center, I’m trying to get Go Go Gadget Mom up and running consistently, I’m trying to keep my email […]

2009 10/09

And so it begins

Hey, did you know that there is some sort of Health Care Crisis going on in our country? Ok, bad joke. Seriously though, I think we are in a crisis but I think you might be surprised to find out why I think it is a crisis. First let me say that I think it […]

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