2009 23/09

I’m a middle child

I guess you could say I am a middle child.  I am the third born of four.  My parents expected me to actually be the youngest but, five months after I was born, they were surprised with the news of a fourth pregnancy, thus bumping me somewhere in the middle.

And, since we as humans must blame our faults on something other than ourselves, I’m blaming “middle-child syndrome”.  Go ahead, Google it.

So, being the middle child that I am, I’m changing up the blog once again.  First up, name change.  After going to Blogher this past summer I decided that “Satcey Girl” was too confusing of a name.  If you haven’t noticed, I’m now going by “Stacey says…”.  When I was little I used to want to change my name all the time.  Isabella is the name I remember most.  Remember, middle child.  And my mom used to watch Days of Our Lives.

Next up, platform.  When I started this blog I naturally used Mac’s iWeb.  It is user-friendly, easily integrates my photos and videos, and was available on my laptop.  It’s been a good blogging app so far.  With each new update in software they have added a new feature here and there.  But there are still limitations.  Still things I want to do with widgets and layouts that I can’t do in iWeb.  So, I’m moving on to WordPress.

Of course the transition wasn’t without it’s snags.  About half of my old posts imported but without any images.  So, please excuse any glitches you might fine in the old posts.  I’ve been trying to fix and add the images when I can.  I’ll also be working on manually adding those old posts that didn’t import in the switch.  And the comments didn’t transfer over.  Suck!  All of your wonderful comments have been lost.  My apologies because I really do love reading your thoughts.

And there you have it.  New design.  New name.  New platform.  But still the same ol’ Stacey.  Maybe this will mean I’ll actually post more?  Hopefully.  I’m working on a new feature for Stacey says…  Because of a great opportunity I’ve been given I will be doing some DVD reviews and even a few giveaways.  Look for that to come soon.  Until then, enjoy the new me!

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  • I realize these are old posts and you’re moving everything over but I love the look! I’m going to pick your brain on how to make some of this stuff work with wordpress. I can’t seem to figure out where to write the code for the blogroll with the template they give you … so confusing some times!

    But I am loving the new layout and look!

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