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After reading quite a bit about Life Lists from both jodimichelle and Mighty Girl, I’m starting to give more thought to creating a list of my own.

A Life List is just that, a list of things you want to see, do, or accomplish in your lifetime.

So, why not just do it instead of writing about doing it?  What’s holding me back? I guess I’m a bit self-conscious of what my list might look like.  To others.  Trust me, I know how stupid that sounds.  But what if my Life List seems so…pathetic?

Ok, now that we’ve worked through that I think I might just do this.  It will certainly be a work in progress because I’m constantly discovering things I want to do or experience.  Especially when it comes to my girls.  As their personalities develop and their talents and strengths surface, it makes me want to be there when they do things or see things or achieve things.

And, as I discover things about myself, I find new things I want to try and even some old desires surface.

In the upcoming weeks I’ll be working on the starting off point of my Life List.

First up….SKYDIVING!

This is something I’ve wanted to do for a while.  I decided that I really wanted to do it to celebrate me jumping into my 30s.  We (Tim, myself, and the amazing Schaaps) are scheduled to jump from a plane tomorrow afternoon, if the weather cooperates.  It almost seems surreal.  I’m not nervous yet because I don’t actually see it happening yet.  I hope it happens.  I don’t want another obstacle standing in my way of crossing this one off the list!

So, what’s on your Life List?  Come on….just tell me one thing!  The craziest thing!  The thing you are most looking forward to or looked forward to if you’ve already crossed it off!

And don’t forget to head over to jodimichelle.com and Mighty Girl to check out their Life Lists.

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  • Right now I’m mostly looking forward to throwing spaghetti in someone’s face while I’m wearing my wedding dress – this signifies a couple different things on my life list that I need to cross off in order to get to that point – and I love that in a way – all of these things need to happen for the other one to happen … like a domino effect.

  • So…How was it? Did the weather work out??
    Anxious to hear!

  • UPDATE: We didn’t go skydiving on Saturday. Very bummed! The weather didn’t cooperate so we are rescheduled for Oct. 10. Really, REALLY hoping the weather cooperates this time!

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