2009 21/09

Pardon my dust

And when I say “dust” I mean the dust accumulating while I don’t post. Things have gotten a little busy in my little world lately. I’m finishing up a site design for this really cute retreat center, I’m trying to get Go Go Gadget Mom up and running consistently, I’m trying to keep my email inbox from overflowing, and Abbi is starting school tomorrow.

Oh, and I’m moving this blog over to WordPress. To some of you that may mean nothing. And those same people are probably saying “word-what?”. Let me just say that it is a long, tedious process for me because of the current platform my blog is in. All of my old post have to be manually moved over and, since I don’t have a lot of time to actually work on it, that may take a while.

Never fear, I’ll be switching posting again regularly soon. I’ll actually be posting as I make the switch. I just need to cross a few more things off the list first.

Ok, back to work!

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