2009 25/09

Stickers – FAIL

Yesterday we made a trip to the art store.  This is a big deal for Abbi because the girl loves to do art projects.  And she loves stickers.  So, since Tim was going to be gone for a few days I thought we would pick up a few fun little art projects that we could do to make the time of ‘just us girls’ special.  Ok, that and I was thinking I could find a few things to keep Abbi busy for a few minutes to give me a mental break.

When we were headed to the checkout line Abbi spotted a bin of discounted stickers.  I’ve been holding off on buying stickers lately since I decided that the stickers Abbi always wanted were way over priced for the amount of stickers she was getting.  However, the discounted stickers she happened to find were packs of 100 sparkly stickers and she wanted the My Little Ponies.  One hundred sparkly My Little Pony stickers for $1? Done.  Put them in the cart.  This would for sure buy me 10 minutes of peace as she smattered all 100 stickers on a piece of paper, claiming it was a birthday card for Handy Manny.

Little did I know that those 100 stickers would be the death of me!

Unfortunately that little pack of 100 stickers are all little individual stickers that a 3 year old cannot peal off by herself.  Thus, every minute or two she comes running with a handful of My Little Pony stickers that she needs me to unpeel for her so she can stick them on the card.

Operation: 10 Minutes of Peace has backfired!  Somewhere the makers of these little stickers are laughing hysterically at the parents who thought they just got a rockin’ good deal on stickers that would keep their preschooler busy.  The worse part….

I’m totally thinking of going back and buying a few more packs of the Dora and Mickey Mouse stickers!

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