2009 15/10

Look mom, no tears!

A week ago I wrote about Abbi’s transition into preschool and how, day by day, there were fewer and fewer tears when I dropped her off each morning.  Well, today there were no tears!  None!

She was so proud of herself.  This morning she gave a kiss goodbye at the classroom door and said, “See mom, no crying!  Miss Cassie, I’m not crying today!”  And away she went into her classroom.

Well, that was easy.  But would it last?  Would she be crying once I left and she realized I was gone?


When I picked her up the first thing she said was “Mom, I realized you were gone and I didn’t cry. I didn’t cry at all mom!”  Everyone she talked to today got to hear about how she didn’t cry today at preschool.  Beaming from ear to ear.

And I’m beaming from ear to ear.  My baby girl went to school today. She hung her coat and backpack up.  She kissed me goodbye and she went to school.

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