2009 02/11

35 years, 5 days

Last week my husband turned 35!  I’m sure he’s cringing as he reads this.  I think age bothers him much more than it does me.  Then again, he’s in his mid-thirties and I’m just barely thirty, so whatever.

Anyhow, we celebrated his birthday with dinner with his parents and cupcakes.  Including one giant cupcake!


No, that is not his pink sippy cup.  No, he didn’t eat that entire cupcake.  And Yes, that is his real age, no matter what he tells you!


I had to throw this photo in here, too.  Doesn’t he make such a cute cowboy?  You can agree with me, go ahead.  Ok, now back off, he’s mine!

So, what did he get for his birthday? Well, if the giant cupcake wasn’t enough he did get a musical card from the girls and a new driveway.  That may not sound like much but the guy is giddy over his new driveway.  Honestly, if you want to see an inappropriately happy man, stop by this winter when he’s out snow-blowing his new driveway!  Giddy!

Happy Birthday honey!  Here’s to 35 years and 5 days!

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  • That big cupcake is adorable! Did you make it yourself or you bought it? I think I might want to do that for my daughters birthday in February. I was going to have a cooking party and let them decorate cupcakes at the end, so that cake would fit in perfectly.

  • Thanks Nicole! I made the cupcake but used a cake pan in the shape of the cupcake. I picked up the pan from Bed Bath and Beyond. I think they carry them at Target as well. It was a lot of fun. My daughter thought it was great and wants one for her birthday too!

  • Cool! I was just at Target today and spent way too much on junk. LOL I’m going to check out BB&B tomorrow to see if they still have it. Very, very cute!

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