2009 02/11


I grew up in Northern Michigan, where the snow starts falling the first of September and doesn’t stop until the first of June.  However, leaving in Southern Michigan has made me weak.  Weak I TELL YOU!

Saturday night was down right cold!  And if I hadn’t risked disappointing a very cute Snow White, I would have skipped the trick-or-treating all together this year.  Weak.

But we didn’t.  I layered up the girls, put their costumes on, topped them off with hats and mittens and away we went!


The girls had a blast!  Well, Zoe just hung out in the stroller and was amazingly content being in there.  I think she appreciated the warmth it provided!  She went as a lion and had her ‘ROAR’ down pat!  And yes, she did manage to her little lion paws on a few pieces of candy.  Of course she just wanted to see if she could get them open.  She didn’t care if she actually got to eat them.


Abbi went as Snow White, although you can’t really tell in the pictures.  She was all about trick-or-treating this year though.  She ran, no walking for her, from house to house to house, said her line, collected her candy, and thanked them.  She loved it!  The best part about this age though, she could care less what they were giving her!  Sure, candy is great but she really doesn’t eat much candy.  The little bit she did collect will last all year….if mom manages to keep her hands off it!  She would be even more excited if she were given a pencil, a fake spider ring, or a dime.  She gets excited over the littlest thing!  I love it!!!

Of course I’ve been asked 150 times since Saturday night, “When are we going trick-or-treating again mom?  Can we go tonight?  What about tomorrow?”  I guess it is at least a break from the never-ending birthday questions!

Yes, the rest of the family dressed up, too!  Tim went as a cowboy again this year, Jasper went as Super-Dog in disguise (his cape wouldn’t stay put so he didn’t end up wearing it), and I went as a cold mom who is on week 3 of bronchitis. Cough. Cough.

You can view more of our Halloween pictures, including Pumpkin “carving” and Abbi’s preschool class all dressed up, over {here}!

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