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Best Moments of 2009 – Rush

A few weeks ago I was over at {GwenBell.com} and came across her “The Best of 2009 Blog Challenge”.  The gist of the Challenge is that Gwen has listed a number of prompts, thirty-one to be exact, to help people look back over this past year and celebrate the best or most memorable moments.  Each prompt coincides with a day in December.  Naturally.


When I read through the list I decided that I had a pretty boring year! Ouch!  Then I came across todays — December 14 Rush! Oh yes, this I can write about!  Just a note, I’ll probably write about others or at least tweet about them.  If you’re interested in taking “The Best of 2009 Blog Challenge”, head over to {GwenBell.com} and check it out!


I didn’t think it would actually happen because, after all, it was the middle of October and, in Michigan, that means it could snow at any time!  And, although I’ve never done it before, I couldn’t imagine that skydiving in the snow would really be all that great!

Turned out that it hadn’t started snowing yet but we did end up skydiving in the snow!

Skydiving was something on my Life List and I set the goal to do it when I turned 30.  Not exactly a mid-life crisis thing, just a fun way to celebrate a new milestone in my life.  So, just over 3 months after turning 30 I finally had the chance to jump from a plane!

When I called to schedule our jump the lady on the phone told me that it is typically 30 degrees colder at jump than on the ground.  Ok, no big deal. I mean, how cold could it be, really?

Cold, FREAKING COLD!  It was 17 degrees and snowing when we jumped from the plane.  But we jumped.  I jumped!  From a plane!  Ten thousand feet in the air.  With a man named Harley attached to me.

Every single minute of that experience was a rush.  Signing my life away on the waiver forms.  Waiting.  Waiting some more.  The five minute jump training. Putting on the harness.  Packing ourselves into the little plane like sardines.  The painful and uncomfortably long 20 minute plane ride up.  Getting latched on to my tandem instructor.  Watching my husband jump before me.  Stepping out onto a small platform and holding on to the bar for dear life. Letting go.  Tumbling backwards.  Falling.  Free-falling.  Floating peacefully above the world.  Spinning.  Spinning faster.  Floating some more.  Landing.

So absolutely amazing.  It made turning thirty totally worth it!  Loving thirty!

And incase you missed my {original post} about all of this, here is the video of my jump!

Skydiving (1) from Stacey Lynn on Vimeo.

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