2009 10/12

Friday Films: Boz, the Green Bear Next Door!


Honestly, I had never heard of BOZ, the Green Bear Next Door until I received a couple of dvds in the mail.  He’s not in our regular line-up of “mommy needs a break” tv.  And I wasn’t sure how my girls were going to take to a big green bear.  But, of course, they love him!  Ok, ok…I kind of like him, too!

BOZ is, well, a big green bear!  But more than that he teaches preschoolers lessons in faith, family, and friendship through stories, fun, and adventure.  BOZ and his lessons reach out to kids through music cds, books, toys, and DVDs.

My girls and I had the opportunity to view two of the BOZ, the Green Bear Next Door DVDs recently and it would be an understatement if I were to say that my girls liked the videos.  They LOVED them!  My girls are especially fond of A WowieBOZowee Christmas since it is perfect for the season and they are in to all things Christmas right now!

A WowieBOZowee Christmas helps kids discover the true meaning of Christmas and that the best gifts are those given from the heart!  My four-year-old loved all the music and hearing the story of Jesus’ birth again and again!


Other BOZ dvds help preschoolers learn their ABCs, numbers, shapes, colors, and the importance of exercise and health, all while tying them in to elements of faith.  While we haven’t seen all of the dvds, my girls are giving Thank You God For…Bananas, Bubbles, and Busy Bodies and A WowieBOZowee Christmas two little, but very enthusiastic, thumbs-up!!!

BOZ, the Green Bear Next Door products can be purchased online or check with your local Christian stores.  If you’re interested in picking up some of these DVDs, books, or CDs for Christmas, there’s still time to get them delivered before Christmas!  The seven available DVDs range from $9.99 – $14.99, CDs are priced at $11.99, and books vary from $4.99 – $7.99.  All great products at very affordable prices!  You can also find great activities, games, and coloring pages right at www.bozthebear.com.

*I received the  Thank You God For…Bananas, Bubbles, and Busy Bodies and A WowieBOZowee Christmas DVDs as part of the MomSelect Holiday Pak.  I was not compensated in any way except for the complimentary product. The opinions stated in this post/review are my own and have not been influenced by any company, marketing, or PR firm.

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