2010 21/01

I love being manipulated!

My girls are always on the go.  They have an over-abundance of energy, most days, and getting some quiet-snuggle time with either of them is very rare. But then bedtime comes along and I finally get a few moments with each of them alone and I get my snuggle moments!

After I finish giving Zoe her bottle (yes, she’s still on a bottle) she immediately wraps her arms around my neck and nuzzles into my shoulder/neck.  I’m in heaven!  She squeezes my neck and says “hug!”   She even gives me little pats on my back.

In return, I squeeze her back and then take in the sweet smell of her head.  I nuzzle my nose into her head or her neck and then give her kisses and tell her I love her.  She giggles.  And then she squeezes my neck some more.

I could stand by her crib like that forever.  With reluctance I give her one more squeeze, one more kiss, tell her goodnight, lie her down, and snuggle her in with her blankie. It takes everything I have not to go back in there and snuggle with her just a little while longer.

Yes, I realize that this sweet little toddler that I’m snuggling with is totally manipulating me.  I’m sure she likes giving her mommy a hug before bed but I realize that her endless hug and snuggles is actually a way for her to keep herself out of her bed for  just a little while longer.  But I don’t care.  I don’t.  Manipulate me all you want because those few moments are absolutely delicious! They make my crazy, hectic, non-stop day with her worth it.

Of course then I put Abbi to bed and it is just and lovely.  We give hugs and kisses, rub noses, and “compete” telling each other we love each other — Me: “I love you more”  Abbi: “I love you +1”  Me: “I love you +10” Abbi: “I love you +20, 30, 90, 12”  Ok, she wins!

Sometimes I love being manipulated by my girls!

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