2010 04/01

Making promises

I’ve never been much on making New Year’s Resolutions. I hate the idea of setting myself up for failure. But then I got to thinking…why does it have to result in failure and why does it matter? So I’m setting a few “goals” for myself this year, not resolutions because the word “resolution” just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Here goes:

  • Get back into exercising – I’ve let this slack way too much this winter and have no excuse as to why I can’t get to the gym at least twice a week and work out more at home!
  • Make healthier choices in food – no diet, just choosing water over soda and maybe a few less Cool Ranch Doritos.
  • Lose 15 more pounds – really want to buckle down and achieve this in the first part of the year due to a reason that we’ll talk more about later.
  • Get enrolled in health insurance
  • Stay on top of our business and personal finances
  • Help my husband get the next wave of our business endeavors off the ground
  • Take the next step with my blogs (Stacey Says and Girls Gone Gadget) – I have no idea what that ‘next step’ is but I’m excited to find out.
  • Be a happier person and a more patient mom – this is a long time coming
  • Remind my husband why he fell in love with me

So, that list is a little longer than I had anticipated.  But I’m going to give it a shot.  Every day I will work at each one of those, as they all (with the exception of the insurance enrollment) are going to take daily effort.  I’m sure I’ll be sharing my progress and struggles here as I go.

What are your goals for the year? I’d love to know and would love to help encourage and support you in them!

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  • I love the last one, Remind my husband why he fell in love with me. I didn’t have words for it – but that’s one of mine this year too.

    Also, the getting healthy, losing the last of the weight and getting into a routine (working out, jogging, all-around schedules with kids)

    Also, to take my websites to the next level as well. Scary, we’ll see.

    Maybe BlogHer again this year too. That decision is coming soon!

  • Yeah, I dont like the word resolution either. I’ve never once done anything I’ve set out to do for the New Year so I’ve decided I’ll just go with the flow.

    However, I may steal your last goal. I love that!

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