2010 01/02

Finding happiness in tackling tasks

I’m a list person.  I make lists for everything.  From packing to errands I need to run to cleaning my house — you name it, I have a list for it!

The problem with my lists is that I don’t always get everything done on them.  So, I end up with multiple lists lying around my house, my car, even on my computer.  And the things that remain on my list are those nagging little tasks that I just don’t get around to doing…or just don’t want to do.

It’s fitting that last week’s challenge for The Happiness Project was to tackle a nagging task.  Hmm, where to begin?

Now, please don’t laugh when I tell you the tasks that have been haunting me.  Really, getting some of this stuff done just takes time and time is something I don’t have in abundance.  As a matter of fact, I’m pretty stingy with what little “free” time I do have!  But here are the things that I tackled last week:

  • Arranged boarding for Jasper (which also meant multiple calls to the vet and scheduling a trip to the vet for this week) for when we are in Houston in a few weeks
  • Cleaned the humidifier  –  We have well water that leaves a lovely rusty deposit on everything.  So, in order for the humidifier to work properly it needs to be taken apart and scrubbed every once in a while.  That while was last week.
  • Got my van in to the mechanic  – This was a long time coming and, thus, we had a long list of repairs that needed to be done.  However, two trips to the mechanic and a nice big check later, she’s running like new again!
  • Cleaned out my old desk and the kitchen junk drawer to complete my organizing task from the week before.

Huh, I swear there is more that I did in the realm of nagging tasks but I’m drawing a blank.  Of course there are more tasks that I really need to get on top of  — cleaning out closets, reorganizing the basement, cleaning up the yard where a certain puppy has been doing his ‘duty’ all winter long (yeah, you probably didn’t need to know that one), and making a trip to the recycling bins.

It feels good to cross these tasks off my to-do lists.  I think that is why I make the lists: for the satisfaction of crossing things off.  Seeing that I’m making progress.  And, more likely, I’ll forget about them if I don’t write them down!

So, those are my nagging tasks.  What about you?  What tasks have been nagging you lately?

Since we are now into a new month we not only have a new challenge this week but also a new focus.  February’s focus, fittingly, is love.  And this week’s challenge is to give proofs of love.  I’m excited to see what happens this week!

* In case you missed it, I am participating in The 2010 Happiness Challenge created by Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project.  If you would like to know more about The Happiness Challenge or would like to join in on the challenge, visit The Happiness Project online.

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  • The happiness project sounds wonderful. I must check it out! You have some big accomplishments there on you list – way to go!

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