2010 28/02

The next Taylor Swift

As our kids grow up, we as parents love to play the game of “she/he got this from me and that from her/his father.”  It’s almost like a badge we award ourself for passing on admirable traits to the next generation.  The flipside of this game is admitting when we passed on our less-than-desirable traits to our kids and trying to place the blame for those characteristics on the other side of the babymaking equation (i.e. the person you spent that one special night with).

Sadly, my girls ended up with my inability to carry a tune.  Like most people who can’t carry a tune, we love to sing and don’t let those minor details of pitch and tempo stop us from belting out a song or two in the privacy of our own homes or local karaoke bar.

Abbi has loved to sing since she first began talking.  And she has the wonderful ability to hear a song one or two times and very easily catch on to the words…which also keeps me on my toes as to what we can and cannot listen to in the car together!  One of her favorite artists right now is Taylor Swift.  Say what you may about Taylor Swift but I’d much rather listen to her than Veggie Tales over and over and over again!  Anyhow, Abbi knows quite a few of Taylor’s songs and can even recognize one of her songs after just a few notes have been played on the radio.

Here is a video of Abbi singing “You Belong With Me” without any music.

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