2010 31/03

Movie Madness for Easter

Easter is only a few days away…are you still scrambling for ideas of what to stuff those baskets with?  If you’re looking for something to pack in there, in between the fake grass and candy, might I suggest movies! DVDs are a great solution for what to get the older kids (or husband) and, since […]

2010 30/03

Finding happiness in work

This month, in the Happiness Challenge, is focused on work.  Oh, there could not be a more fitting focus for me this month.  It seems that this month, without anything to do with the Happiness Challenge, has been centered around work.  My freelance work.  Blogging as work vs. a hobby.  Working on planning a retreat. […]

2010 30/03

Business Card Storage

Note: I cannot take credit for this wonderful idea, as it was something I saw on another blog. If this was your idea, please let me know so I can give you proper credit.  However, I am going to tell you how I personally did it. If you’ve ever been to a blogging conference or […]

2010 27/03

Spitting out what I can’t chew

If you’re immersed in the blogging world, at all, you often hear the word “niche” come up.  What’s your niche. Niche-blogging. Developing your niche. It’s basically “the focus of your blogging”.  I have to laugh at that because, well, I think I blog because I lack focus.  In a way. This blog has always been […]

2010 24/03

I’m walking!

In October of last year I received news that an old college friend and sorority sister had given birth to her first child.  A son.  Olin.  Three months early. I’ve spent the past 5 months following along on their journey through their blog, Facebook updates, and pictures.  Often heartbreaking, but always inspiring.  tubes. doctors. first […]

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