2010 18/03

Easter Basket Fun

I love Easter.  Love it! I would dare say that it is probably my most favorite holiday.  I’m not sure why exactly but I think it has something to do with Spring and new life and new beginnings.  I just love it.  And the candy is awesome!  Peeps!  Cadbury Eggs!  Hollow chocolate bunnies!!!

I love coloring eggs (although no one in my family, except me, eats hard-boiled eggs) and doing Easter baskets — minus that messy green plastic grass stuff.  I probably put more thought into what I get my girls for Easter than I do for Christmas.  But that probably has more to do with the fact that I don’t spend as much on Easter basket gifts.

Here are some fun things I’m thinking about for baskets this year:

Super Hero Capes — my girls love dressing up and Abbi likes to tie her blankie around her neck like a super hero cape

Crayola Outdoor Chalk Hand Tools — always a good option, we definitely need new side walk chalk because we’re down to one or two pieces (the dog keeps eating it)

Disney Princess Micro Bicycle Helmet (For Zoe) and Disiney Princess Bicycle Bell (For Abbi)

Strawberry Shortcake: The Berryfest Princess — Can’t go wrong with a Strawberry Shortcake dvd. Plus, Abbi has the other Strawberry Shortcake dvd that we have completely memorized!

Princess Costumes (Belle, Tiana, Snow White, Cinderella) — Abbi has worn her Snow White costume from Halloween so much that I’ve sewn it multiple times and it’s going to come to a point where it just needs to get thrown away.

That’s a whole lot of girly stuff but that’s the fun of having girls!  I’m sure I’ll come up with even more stuff.  I also need to look at what to get Zoe for her birthday (possibly something from this list…bicycle helmet!).

What are you doing for Easter this year? Does your family do Easter baskets or do you have some other family tradition? Oh, please tell me you do an Easter egg hunt…I’ve always wanted to do one with the kids but the weather doesn’t quite cooperate here in Michigan!

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