2010 10/03

Financial Fairytales

Oh Finances.  That dreaded f-word.  Raise your hand if you hate talking about finances.  Raise your hand if you avoid talking about finances.  Raise your hand if you actually like talking about finances.

I fall somewhere in between all of those options.  I like talking about finances when the bank account is looking good.  I hate talking about finances and often avoid talking about them when the bank account isn’t looking so good.  Finances seem to be that unique category where our willingness to talk depends on how well things are going.  When things like parenting, weight loss, or work aren’t going well, I’ll still talk about them but, when it comes to finances, I don’t even want to talk about them with my husband when things aren’t going well.  And I’m not sure why.

Our financial situation is always changing. Some times I’m skipping through a peaceful financial forest, other times I’m sinking my teeth into a financially poisoned apple.  The tough thing is that I never know which situation I’m going to be in until I’m already there.  And that becomes frustrating and stressful and disheartening.  Here is the gist of our situation:  My husband works full time and I stay home with the kids.  We also have two small companies.  One company is pretty self contained and the other is where we filter all my husband’s side jobs and my design and writing work.  We own a house and have another that is under land contract.  We have debt.  Credit card debt.  Student loan debt.  We have self-provided health insurance because the other option was bleeding us dry.  We don’t have a budget.

I’m guessing that you probably resonated with a few of those items.  In some ways we are the typical American married couple.  In other ways we are not.  Regardless of how your situation differs from mine, I’m sure you’ll agree that all of this can be frustrating and confusing and you are ready for some clear cut answers!  Now, while I am far from being any sort of financial guru, I do know one thing…when you don’t know the answers you look to someone who does! And that’s what I’m planning on doing!

Over the next year I am going to focus once a month on a specific financial topic. I’m hoping to dig up some answers to the questions that confuse me and come up with ways to demystify the financial fairytale.  At the very least I am hoping that the monthly feature creates some dialogue where we can all help each other, either through things we have learned or mistakes we have made.  Because, let’s be honest, we’ve all made a few financial mistakes and paid a little “stupid tax”.

If there is a certain topic you’d like to see me cover in the monthly feature, speak up!  If you have a field of expertise and want to contribute, let me know!  And if you are a financially geared company and want to jump on board with this project, Awesome!  You can leave a comment below or email me at StaceySays @ me.com.


  • this is exciting! I love money talk :) We actually are budgeters and cash handlers Dave Ramsey style … but I love to hear what other people are doing/figuring out.

    I think something fun to cover would be the myth but also the lure of the rewards programs out there. The sky miles and cash back … at what point do you stop using those cards or programs “just for the perks” and when to know how to get out.

    We have friends who do this all the time and are always pitching great ideas about the money their saving by being a part of a rewards program from a credit card or vendor and sure it sounds nice to begin with – but they have to keep track of so much to make it worth it. Maybe I’m just not detailed. Ok I’m not, but still. Fun topic.

  • I will stay tuned – I have the same sort of idea rattling around in my head too for a blog series but I haven’t quite come up with the format I like yet. If you want to work together we could chat about that – so far I think I have enough info to cover life insurance and refinancing – are these the kinds of things you were looking at?

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