2010 30/03

Finding happiness in work

This month, in the Happiness Challenge, is focused on work.  Oh, there could not be a more fitting focus for me this month.  It seems that this month, without anything to do with the Happiness Challenge, has been centered around work.  My freelance work.  Blogging as work vs. a hobby.  Working on planning a retreat.  My husband’s work.  The work my husband would like to be doing.  Work. Work. Work. Work.

So, here were the resolutions for this month and how I did or what I did or am doing with them…

Week 9: Aim HigherUmm, check.  Definitely aiming higher lately.  Planning a conference for bloggers? I would consider that aiming higher and, without a doubt, pushing me out of my comfort zone.  And it’s true, I’m finding happiness in it.  I really like working on this conference and am so excited to see the results in a few months.  And after that, after the conference is over? Well, I’m already setting my sites on what could be next, where I’ll be aiming.

Week 10: Enjoy the failureWhat? Failure?  As in, when I fail?  How can I possibly enjoy that? It goes without saying, I’m a bit of a perfectionist.  If my name is on it, then I want it to be the best.  However, it’s been said that you can’t succeed until you fail.  (I have no idea who said that but I’m guessing they failed a lot.)  I’ve had the taste of failure a few times this particular month as I’ve been asking companies to partner with me in advertising on this blog and to be a sponsor at Gleek Retreat.  I’ve received a lot more “no”s than I have “yes”s.  And those “no”s I have taken as failures.  Did I say something wrong or just not say something that they needed to hear?  It sucks being told “no”.  It sucks when people don’t see the same vision as you do.  But, it’s a part of the process.  I guess if every single person said yes to a proposal I sent out, I would be overwhelmed in work.  And those “no”s are actually helping me to fine tune the way I approach people and companies.

Week 11: Ask for helpWell, as much as I am a perfectionist and as hard as it is for me to fail, it is just as hard for me to ask for help.  Oh, how true that it is for every aspect of my life.  But work is especially hard.  I like things done a certain way and I feel that often times it is just easier for me to do things myself.  Despite the fact that it really isn’t.  This month I have spent the better part of my work time collaborating with my friend Jodi as we partner together and plan this blogging conference.  And it has been so rewarding.  We are working with each other’s strengths and even asking for help from others when we come to a bump in the road.  Those others (including our husbands) have been huge assets.  And I’m totally seeing the benefit of asking for help. Now, if I could only carry that over into other parts of my life…

Week 12: Beware the driftDrift is the decision you make by not making a decision.  Make sense? It’s basically deciding to do something because, well, it seems like the natural thing to do, maybe the easy thing to do, or the only thing to do.  This is often how some people end up in college, the military, married, or having kids.  It’s the next step in life.  Gretchen Rubin has a great post about drift and the warning signs of drift. Now, am I drifting?  Yes, in some areas of my life.  But I’m also being very careful right now not to drift my way into the next step of my work life.  We’ll see how it goes.

Happiness Project

Are you doing the Happiness Project?  In what ways are you finding happiness in your work?


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