2010 27/03

Spitting out what I can’t chew

If you’re immersed in the blogging world, at all, you often hear the word “niche” come up.  What’s your niche. Niche-blogging. Developing your niche. It’s basically “the focus of your blogging”.  I have to laugh at that because, well, I think I blog because I lack focus.  In a way.

This blog has always been a big melting pot of my life.  A little of this. A  little of that.  But always me.  A part of me is tech and gadgets.  Oh, wait, I have a niche…but that doesn’t really fit here since this is where I write about potty training and the crazy dogs and jumping out of planes….I should put the tech stuff in a different blog, for a different community.  That was my thought pattern this fall when I decided to create my other blog, Girls Gone Gadget.  That is where I would my techy/gadgety posts and that is what I did. Until now.

The problem with niche blogging or at least with the tech/gadget niche is that each post takes so long to write. Typically I can ramble off a post in an hour or two.  Tech posts take me days.  Unless I’m just writing about a program or gadget that I’m already using, there is research that must be done.  I don’t want to post about something that I don’t know anything about so I first need to learn about it and then write about it a unique way.  It takes a lot of time!

Too much time.  More time than I have.  Between writing here, writing for 5 Minutes for Mom, planning the Gleek Retreat, and, oh yeah, taking care of the house and kids, I just don’t have the time to dedicate to another site.  Posting once every two weeks isn’t going to keep my readers coming back for more.  So, I’m hitting the pause button on Girls Gone Gadget.  But, I’m not hitting the pause button on writing about tech and gadgets.

I’ve decided that, since this blog is an extension of me, then writing about gadgets and tech here isn’t completely out of place.  So, from now on, I will be writing those posts here. If you’re not into tech or gadgets then I trust that you’ll just skip over them and wait for another thrilling tale of potty training.  But, maybe you’ll find them interesting!  This isn’t to say that I’m completely tossing Girls Gone Gadget away.  I just might resurrect it when I get a little better handle on my time!

I’d love your feed back!  What kind of tech/gadget information would you like me to cover?  Any particular products you’d like to know more about?

This is me continuing to find that illusive balance of blogging!

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  • Thanks for joining MomImpact! In blogging, as with parenting, you have to take the so-called experts advice and do what works best for you in the end. For me, it’s hard to keep up too many blogs and identities. For example, people have asked me if I have a MomImpact Twitter account. I do, but it directs people back to my personal account. Certain not great for overall strategy, but it’s helpful for overall sanity.

    Good luck with the Gleek Retreat. I’m booked that weekend :-(

  • Thanks Kim! I’m glad I found MomImpact and also love your site (Hormone Colored Days)! I just feel that I would rather focus on one site for now instead of spreading myself too thin and doing a half-assed job! We’ll see how it goes!

    And bummed you can’t come to Gleek Retreat!! Next year!

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