2010 30/04

Are Happy Meal toys making our kids fat?

Last month I tweeted about how some lawmakers in California were trying to get laws passed to ban toys in McDonald’s happy meals.  Their reasoning — combating childhood obesity.  Apparently it’s the toy in the Happy Meal that is making our children fat. Ok, they aren’t exactly arguing that it is the toy that is […]

2010 25/04

Turn Your Photo into a Canvas!

This should probably go under one of my Mommy Confessions because I am so terrible about displaying photos of my kids around my house.  It’s not that I don’t love having pictures of my girls on my walls or displayed on shelves, it’s just that I’m so bad about actually printing and then framing those […]

2010 23/04

Friday Films: AVATAR

I am hanging my head in shame over here as I tell you that I am, indeed, one of the five people who did not see AVATAR in the theater.  This was a film that both my husband and I really wanted to see in the theater but things just didn’t work out for that […]

2010 21/04

Mommy Confessions: Public Bathrooms

This is more of a “Me Confession” than a “Mommy Confession” but it something I wanted to talk about for a while, nonetheless. Public Bathrooms. They completely freak me out. It’s really has nothing to do with thought that the bathroom might be filthy or stink like something died in their or even the looking […]

2010 21/04

Playing Doctor with Daddy {Wordless Wednesday}

A few weeks ago, the girls received a package from Angela, their old babysitter who is now off living in the real world as a nurse.  In the package were items for them to play dress-up as nurses/doctors.  The girls were so excited that Miss Angela sent them their very own nurses outfits and love […]

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