2010 21/04

Mommy Confessions: Public Bathrooms

This is more of a “Me Confession” than a “Mommy Confession” but it something I wanted to talk about for a while, nonetheless. Public Bathrooms. They completely freak me out. It’s really has nothing to do with thought that the bathroom might be filthy or stink like something died in their or even the looking infestation of germs or disease or bugs or whatever! It’s the idea that there might be some creepy person lurking in the stall down the way. Crazy, I know!

I think my fear comes from all of those stupid horror/suspense movies I’ve watched and even a few episodes of Law and Order.  You know the scene — girl goes into the bathroom…creepy man/stalker/killer appears from one of the closed stalls…girl winds up dead.  I did mention I was crazy, right?  It’s not the restrooms where it’s a single stall that you’re the only one in there and you can lock the door behind you.  It’s the bigger restrooms with more than one stall where you have no idea if someone is hiding in one of those other stalls.

Case in point — Copycat (1995) starring Sigourney Weaver, Holy Hunter, Dermot Mulroney, and Harry Connick, Jr.  I really blame this film for my irrational fear.  There is a scene in the film where Sigourney Weaver’s character is in a public restroom and there is another lady a few stalls down.  But it’s not a lady.  It’s her stalker who is wearing women’s shoes to disguise himself.  Of course he ends up trying to kill her in the bathroom.  And…well I won’t completely spoil the film if you’ve never scene it.

Here is how much this fear affects me: I would rather use a nasty, dirty, stinky single stall gas station bathroom than a perfectly clean multi-stall bathroom.  If I have to use a multi-stall public restroom, I make sure I’m with someone…either in the bathroom or they are waiting for me outside.  Yes, crazy.

So, what are some of your crazy fears or ways that movies/tv has influenced you?  What’s your confession?

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  • That’s why we need you to get your CPL. :-)

  • This is the way I see it. It’s just a movie. It’s not real. And anyway, what are the chances that some creepy person would be in that stall at the end of the bathroom just waiting for you? I don’t let movies influence my thoughts and feelings.

  • Cascia – I know, completely irrational! Just wait until I share my “issue” with pillow cases!!!

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