2010 10/04

Can I still call her ‘baby’?

Two years ago today I was embarking on the adventure of having two kids at home…a toddler and a newborn.  Now I am surrounded by the craziness of a preschooler, toddler, and a puppy.  And oh, do I mean CRAZINESS!

We celebrated Zoe’s second birthday over at my parents’ house since Abbi was on Spring Break this week.  It was a quick trip but it’s always good to see them and spend time with them.  The girls adore them and have asked me every day since if we can go back over to Grammy & Papa’s house!

The birthday itself was pretty low key.  We did our traditional measurement and Zoe is measuring a half inch taller than Abbi was at this age.  Totally doesn’t surprise me!  I’m betting it won’t be long and they will be about the same size.  Which should be interesting if they are anything like my sister and I! Oh the stories I could tell…

Zoe's Birthday

Zoe's Birthday

At my parents’ house we just went out to dinner at the girls’ new favorite restaurant (they had baskets of popcorn on the table).  This year we skipped the birthday cake and opted for bowls of ice cream.  No complaints from either of the girls!

Zoe's Birthday

All in all, I think she had a good birthday (not that she has many to compare it to).  Happy Birthday Zoe Grace!  We love you! Now, let’s talk about those two-year-old tantrums you oh-so like to have….

Zoe's Birthday

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  • She’s such a cutie! My baby is turning one next month, and it’s hard to believe. Everyone always warns you, “It goes so fast,” and I guess they’re right. And I would totally take ice cream over cake any day!

  • Happy birthday!! She’s a cutie.

    My boys are 18 months apart and are FINALLY wearing the same size this spring. My older son is about an inch taller than my younger son, but the younger one is a tad heavier and a bit bigger around. It’s nice to just buy a bunch of clothes and have them pick what they want to wear rather than keeping it all separate.

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