2010 25/05

Feeling tongue-tied

I unexpectedly took a little break from writing this past week as I devoted all available time to the final prep for Gleek Retreat.  Now that Gleek Retreat is behind me, I’m struggling at where to begin.  It’s that same feeling like when you’ve been gone on vacation and, when you finally get home from that vacation, you’re not quite sure where to start first. The cleaning?  The unpacking? The piles of mail?

I have a ton of stuff I want to share with you all about Gleek Retreat — the behind the scenes of planning a conference, my thoughts on Gleek Retreat, some of the amazing information and connections that came out of Gleek Retreat — but I don’t want to overwhelm you with all that info.  Especially since there are quite a few readers here that are probably thinking, “that’s great Stacey, glad Gleek Retreat went well, but let’s move on shall we?”

The other reason that I’m struggling with where to begin is that I’m just struggling with this blog.  I’ve been wondering for quite some time now, Where is this blog going? What is my focus? I’ve always said that I’m “niche-less” blogger but lately I’ve been feeling like I’m more of an “unfocused” blogger.  I’m all over the place.  I think it’s time to just take a deep breath and find some focus.  Not exactly sure what that focus will look like though.

So, it looks like we might be on a journey these next few weeks or months to discover what it is that I want this blog to be.  I hope you’ll join me and bear with me as I try to figure it all out.  Oh, and bear with me this week as I share (a lot) about Gleek Retreat.  It has kind of been a big deal these past few months.

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