2010 13/05

If I could bottle it up

One of my absolute most favorite smells in the whole wide world — more than fresh cut grass or brownies and cookies baking in the oven — is the smell of my kids when they get out of the bath.  That brief instant before they get lathered up with lotion.  Before they put on their pajamas covered in the scent of fabric softner.

After the day’s worth of pb&j and graham crackers have been washed away.  After the layers of dirt, markers, and kid sweat have gone down the drain.

When their skin is soft and clean.  Their hair is slicked back, starting to dry.

I could smell that smell all day.

And on this very rainy, dreary day, all I want is to give them a bath and then snuggle up on the couch, breathing that smell in!

(taken August 2009)

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