2010 27/05

The girls are back!

It’s confession time….I absolutely love “Sex and the City”.  Love it.  I watched it through college and after.  I even subjected my husband to watching an episode or two.  There was just something about Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda.  Their unorthodox friendship.  Their swanky life in New York.  The boyfriends.  The breakups.  The shoes!

It drew me in.  Like any good tv series, I became invested in the characters and the storyline.  And I was disappointed when the series came to a close.  But wait…a movie!

Yes, I watched Sex and the City (the movie) and loved it.  Now the ladies have reconvened (totally didn’t expect that to happen) for a second Sex and the City movie (appropriately titled Sex and the City 2), hitting theaters tonight, May 27.  Since I’m confessing things here I’ll be honest, I’m a little skeptical of this one.  The first film ended so perfectly and gave such closure that I’m just not sure what to expect with the latest film.  But I will watch it, have no doubt.  After all, Aidan!

One of the biggest things that I’m looking forward to in Sex and the City 2 is the music.  I absolutely believe that music in a film is what sets the tone for the film.  The perfect song at precisely the right moment or scene can engage (or disengage) an audience.  Many times I’ve walked away from a film disappointed to a certain extent because of poor choice in music (i.e. New Moon).  And other times I’ve walked away from a film wanting to run out and buy the soundtrack immediately.

This week I had the chance to get a sneak preview of the soundtrack for Sex and the City 2 and I must say, the soundtrack does not disappoint!

The soundtrack includes a wide array of music from Dido to Liza Minneli.  Some oldies (“Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered”) to some new releases (“Love Is Your Color”, a duet by Jennifer Hudson and Leona Lewis).  Even a performance of “I Am Woman” by the SATC ladies themselves — Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis, and Cynthia Nixon.

I guess I’m just hoping that the film itself lives up to the amazing soundtrack.  Regardless of how the ladies do at the box office, I’ll be adding the Sex and the City 2 soundtrack to my iPod’s summer playlist!

You can check out the soundtrack yourself at www.SexAndTheCityMovie.com and purchase it pretty much everywhere.  Sex and the City 2 opens in theaters everywhere May 27.

So, I’m curious….were you a “Sex and the City” watcher?  Or did you see one or both of the movies? If you answered yes to either of those, I’m wondering which character you identify with.  Do you see yourself as a Carrie? A Samantha? Miranda? Charlotte?  I’m a Charlotte, for so many reasons.  I always wanted to be a Carrie, but I’m a Charlotte. How about you?

*Disclaimer: This review is being brought to you by One2One Network, who sent me a complimentary copy of the “Sex and the City 2” soundtrack so that I could review it for you here.

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