2010 22/06

Beyond the holiday

I know that Father’s Day was jut this past weekend but some times I need to brag about my husband on a plain ol’ Tuesday. So, get ready for a little mushy husband bragging!

It’s no secret (if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook) that the girls have been sick for about a week now and that all that sickness has since invaded my body.  Abbi is on the upswing, although she’s now complaining about her ear hurting, but Zoe and I both have this horrible cough that leaves us gasping and choking at times.  It is heart breaking to listen as your 2 year old is hacking and gagging. So, Tim and I took turns going into Zoe’s bedroom last night rocking her to help her sleep, until she could finally rest peacefully.

Of course, then the storms came rolling in.  I had no sooner fallen asleep when Abbi cried out because she had heard the thunder starting.  The obvious solution was to bring her into our bed for the night, knowing that none of us would really get any sleep.  Abbi tends to be a ‘tosser’ when she’s in our bed.  She starts out sleeping right next to you, no personal space allowed; then she uses me as her pillow and Tim as her kicking board and switches about half way through the night, leaving her overtired and Tim and I both bruised and really tired.  But, it’s what we do when the storms roll in.

Last night ended up being the exception.  Instead of bringing Abbi into our bed, Tim packed up his pillows, grabbed some sheets out of the linen closet and headed to Abbi’s room.  I told him that he could just bring her into bed with us but he knew I wouldn’t get any sleep and she would get even less sleep with me coughing and gagging all night.  So, he made himself a make-shirt bed out of pillows and blankets on her bedroom floor and slept next to Abbi’s bed to help comfort her as the storm roared.

He sacrificed a good night’s sleep to make his baby girl feel safe and to allow his wife to get some much needed sleep.  As I cleaned up the pile of pillows this morning I realized how lucky I am because I know that he would do the same thing again tonight if need be.

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