2010 04/06

Fearing the teen years

{sniffle. sniffle. sniffle.}

Abbi is crying in the back seat.

Me:  Abbi, what’s wrong?

Her:  I {sniffle} can’t {sniffle} be {sniffle} a explorer!

Me:  What? What are you talking about?

Her:  I can’t be a explorer!

Me:  Why can’t you be AN explorer?

Her:  I can’t.

Oh, this is going to be a productive conversation.

Me:  Who told you that you can’t be an explorer?

Her:  You.

Me:  WHAT? When did I ever tell you that you can’t be an explorer?

Her:  Well, you won’t let me drive the car.  How can I be a explorer if you if you won’t every let me drive the car?

And welcome to my world!  I don’t know if it is her age (she’s my oldest, so I have nothing to compare to) but she comes up with the most irrational things lately!  As in, crying out of the blue because she can’t marry Handy Manny.  Yes, the Disney cartoon handyman.  I haven’t told her that she couldn’t marry this fictitious cartoon character, it is something that she just pulls out of thin air!

So, I try to talk her off the emotional ledge (switching to the Handy Manny conversation).

Me:  You can marry whomever you like.

Here is where rationality completely goes out the window.

Her:  Can I marry you, mom?

Me:  Well, no.  I’m already married to daddy.

Her:  But I want to marry you.

Me:  It doesn’t work that way.

Her:  Can I marry God?

Me:  Not really.

Her:  Awe, I can’t marry anybody!

And this is where I decide to bail out!

Me:  How about we go get a snack!

How in the world do you even begin to rationalize with that?  I want to acknowledge her concerns and questions but it gets to a point, every time, that we hit a point where nothing I say is going to help.  She’s beyond rationalizing with.

So, I’m wondering, is this something you’ve had to deal with with your kids? Is it specific to this age (she’s 4 years old) or maybe it’s a girl thing?  If your child did go through this, how did you deal with it and keep your sanity intact?

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  • I have the same thing with Jessica. Cries because she can’t marry Prince Eric. It’s even worse when on of her grandpa’s teases her about it. Yeah, real mature.

    She’s kind of past it now, so maybe it is a bit of the age and female. No idea though! Hopefully it doesn’t last too much longer, going crazy is not fun! I feel your pain.

  • It gives me hope when you say that Jessica is over it now! That means I should only have another year. Keeping my fingers crossed. Of course the time that Abbi leaves the stage, Zoe enters it!

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