2010 10/06

Things I Don’t Understand

Kid Edition

There are so many things I don’t understand about my kids.  Here are just a few:

  1. Why do my kids ask to listen to their cds in the car and then persist to talk and play loudly while the music is on, leaving me to listen to their yelling AND Veggie Tales for the 35th time that day?
  2. Why do they beg to have a playdate with someone only to ignore them or not play nicely with them and then cry because they miss that person the minute we get in the car to leave?
  3. Why do they constantly ask, “Can we puh-lease go and do something fun?” and then, when we do go do something “fun”, they continue on with the questions: “Are we done yet?” “Can I play with some toys or color?” “What are we going to do next?
  4. Why is it that 95% of the day my girls have to be told to talk quieter because they feel the need to yell when they are only inches away from each other, but, when they are trying to tell me something or I ask them a question, they decide to talk in the quietest voice possible?
  5. Why, on days that I have absolutely nowhere to go, my 2 year old decides to take a super short nap, but on the days that I need to be somewhere, she takes the longest nap known to man?
  6. On the other hand…why does she take short naps when I have a TON of work to get done during nap time and super long naps when I have nothing to do?
  7. My girls hate being in the car when we are driving.  So why is it that I can park the van in the driveway and they will spend hours in their playing? Did I mention that they have a sandbox, a ton of outdoor toys, and little pool to splash in? And yet they choose to play in the car….

Are their things that you just don’t understand about your kids?  I’m sure there is a whole different set of questions for each age group.  I’d love to hear about the things you don’t understand and what ages your kids are so I know what to prepare for!

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